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Powerfully Diversifed

The economic landscape is in constant flux. We acquire and initiate enterprises across several markets

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Sky's The Limit at Veritoria Holdings

Technology is a game changer. But  true power lies in our people who wield that technology.

A Closer Look

Seriously Upbeat Culture

Success is rare among the straightlaced. We keep ahead of the competition with a laid-back playful assault.

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Travel is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. We leverage the latest price scanning systems to provide access to global travel options at the lowest cost

SEO & Reputation Management

Search Engine Optimization is the lifeblood of online businesses. Veritoria Holdings manages key SEO entities that provide white label interet marketing to over 100 SEO SMEs

Knowledge Management

Information makes or breaks you. With our partnerships with global research entities, we provide the data that provide strong competitive advantage.

Alternative Wellness

Health is an evergreen industry. While we don’t compete with pharmaceuticals, we’ve invested in emerging wellness technologies including tachyon research and electrotherapy.

Digital Worlds

Virtual real estate grows faster with expanding reach of wifi and mobile devices. We’ve built and acquired digital assets in every industry imaginable including modeling, online job databases, massive niche forums and exclusive social networks.

Brick and Mortar

The hospitality industry remains a staple for global citizens. Veritoria Holdings continues to invest in high yield enterprises including hotels and restaurants.

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That’s right. Consult with us and allow us to help you grow.

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Featured Advocacies

We continue to ford on but that doesn’t stop us from nurturing charitable endeavors we’ve acquired over the years. Support some of our non-profit advocacies today

Veritoria Group


Launched in Singapore in 2005, www.jobcentralasia.com provides free access to the global job market- for both employers and job seekers.

Elan Model

Aspirants to the modeling industry got a helping hand when elanmodel.com bridged candidates to PR companies at no cost to either party.

NLP University

NLP is the golden boy of self-help system. In 1999 we launched several non-profit forums teaching this powerful empowerment tool. 



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Are you a capitalist. Let’s do a joint venture and scale the mountains together.

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On occassion we diversify and divest. Contact a friendly representative and we may have a business for you.

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Our Strengths

First To Market

We’re first to market in many industries. Before Google arrived, we’ve already built an SEO enterprise.

We're Lean

We don’t invest in bloat. Our team works across the globe from virtual offices and often in their pajamas.

We're Fast

We chew JIT, TQM and all those buzzwords. Our teams move effiently and anticipate market trends as they happen.

Well Connected

While we’re not awash with cash- we’re connected with partners who can fund the Next Big Thing.

We Love Tech

We love the latest smartphones, the fastest computers and the shiniest elevators. That shows in all our endeavors.

We Welcome New Ideas

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Online Business

We love well-built income generating sites. Let us appraise it.



Nothing thrills us more than a new moustrap that does things 10x better.



Got a lush new destination. We’d like a small piece of that.

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